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Meet Chef
William Lauder

Both chef & builder here at Oruawharo Homestead & St Vincent's.

You can follow his work on Instagram via the link below:

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My Story

When asked to write my own profile for this amazing property and venue, I was left humbled and at a loss for words. Finding myself living in my dream opportunity, property and future that I had theorized back in 2009 is truly exceptional!
So as one of Oruawharo's new owners I look to those people who have joined me on my culinary adventure to date.


Below are my honed insights and also those of some of the worlds leading culinary masters.
'After dedicating my life to the pursuit of culinary excellence at the age of 12, I left sport, school and normality to embrace obscurity and the idea that understanding true passion and Identity through hospitality, would tender my imagination and being. I saw it as a true direct line to the understanding of culture.'

Over the past 18 years I have spent my time in both Exuberant-Extravagant-World Class Venus and Backwater-Obscure-Holesome-Authentic Venues, Location, Premises & Regions, and have crafted the ability to assimilate with those around me and those to whom I serve. 

  • 'New Zealand, Melbourne, Africa, Morocco, London, France, even Moscow' only a 'shortlist' of places I have cooked that I feel I draw inspiration from daily, but only in such a way i can truly honor those who have inspired.

  • Respected among the world wide hospitality community the following masters have made some very enlightening statements about my future and i am truly humbled by such remarks:

  • 'One of the new generation of chefs in this Country' - NZs top Chef & Restraunture 2006–2009

  • 'Uncompromising passion & high level of dedication to the pursuit of excellence' -  'Orazio Cutuli - Restaurant owner Melbourne AUS'

  • 'In my time i have had many chefs come through my Kitchen and i can honestly say only a handful of them will go on to be a great Chef, In my mind Will will become one of those' - Micheal 'Molten'

  • 'I will regret seeing Will leave, but wish him all the best for the future and am sure i will see him on the world stage in years to come, for that reason and many more i would like to recommend Will to all future Prospects' - Award winning NZ chef 2018–2022


Left with a smile on my face, I can only look forward to the enjoyment of my future at Oruawharo and truly anticipate helping all my future guests realise there own Enjoyment of the undefinable hospitality that comes with the 150 plus years of history and love that resonates through my new home and adventure.

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