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Food is an essential part of being human. People depend on food and do their best to get the best meal. Actually, our mood, physical state, health and even thoughts are associated with what, and how often, we eat. It’s generally agreed that when a person feels hunger, he or she gets more irritable and unhappy. The opposite is also true, in that being full makes a person feel happy and relaxed.

The role of food at social events has always been important in the social lives of people. Have a look at ancient times, when it took so much time for hunters to catch a wild beast. When they finally succeeded, they brought their haul into the settlement and shared it with all the dwellers. That was a sort of feast that everyone was invited to.

Modern times also have prove a special role for food and beverages in our society. Traditional suppers are arranged to spend time with family. Don’t forget about the major holidays, such as Christmas and birthdays. The latter is actually the celebration of food in many interpretations.

Beverages and spirits also have their share of social popularity. It’s a regular occurrence to watch some sporting event while sipping on a beer. Coffee or tea is the most popular excuse to invite a woman or a man on a date.

Many new connections are made in formal receptions and parties, which are accompanied with foods and drinks. It’s much easier to make connections when you share something in common. With this in mind, eating is a shared activity, which brings people together.

Written by P. Pasala

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