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Furniture on the Estate

Furnishings and antiques collected by three generations of Johnston's formed the holdings of the homestead and included silverware, family portraits and prints, a library that included a New Zealand collection, and heavy curtains consisting of corded silk and pink embroidered velvet, made in France. A notable feature in the bedroom in the north east corner is the inside of the door that is painted in spring blooms and signed N.J. (Nancy Johnston); a tangible reminder of the family that occupied this home for over 100 years.

Over the years more furniture has returned back to the Homestead as well as new ones that been gifted to the Estate all of which will be showcased below.

The Original's Door in the Peony Room


This was the door that the late Mrs Nancy Rolleston (Johnston) painted.

In the Library


This piece of Kauri was sent to China to get a play carved into it and then sent back to NZ.

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